Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is it!

So... after a long time deliberating, I've finally decided to set up a blog - thanks to some encouragement from my new pal, Clare. Thanks, Clare! I'm hoping it's going to encourage me to start scrapbooking a bit more because my photos are really starting to pile up. I've got so many of them thanks to my beautiful children: Marc, 14, George, 3 and Charlie, 10 months. When I look back at my previous attempts I'm not really very happy with them (so you won't be seeing them on here!) and I want to do something special with them so I'm proud enough to show everyone I meet.
Anyway, I'm going to start off with the card I made last night for Clare Curd's Facebook Template Challenge. I'm really pleased with it. See what you think. It's for Paul's Mom and Dad for babysitting for us when we go for a night out on Saturday - our first since Charlie was born. Well overdue!
Take care,
Mel xx


Clare Brown said...

Welcome to blog land. Your card and family are sooooo cute.

hugs Clare x

melsanford said...

Thankyou! You're very sweet xx