Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dream Valley Challenge 68 - Halloween


Hope you are all having a fab weekend :-) It's time for another challenge over at Dream Valley and this time we want to see your Halloween creations.

I'm really enjoying making my cakes at the moment so I thought I'd make some floating ghost cupcakes for this challenge:

I started off by making the eyes with a little bit of help from Hubby :-) I piped LOTS of small dots of royal icing onto greaseproof paper while Hubby followed and added little black specks of writing icing. After we let them dry for 24 hours, we had a little box of eyes to decorate our ghosts.....

The ghosts were really easy. I just melted some white chocolate and piped little ghostie shapes onto lollipop sticks on greaseproof paper and let them set in the fridge.....

The cakes were just a normal vanilla cake mix that I topped with chocolate buttercream and then dipped into crushed malteasers. Then I just stuck the little ghosties into the top and ta da!!!! :-)

My boys really enjoyed them!

Anyway, I must be going. Make sure you pop over to Dream Valley to check out all the spooky creations by the rest of the DT.

Love 'n' hugs,

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dream Valley Challenge 67 - Buttons


Hope you're having a fab weekend!!! Well, not content with just a fab weekend (I'm currently enjoying one of my regular crafty days with my pal, Yvonne), I'm actually having a fab fortnight.....

Firstly, I'm back at work..... For most people, not a reason to celebrate, but I've been out of teaching for about four and a half years now, and while I've loved being at home with the kids and Paul (and all the crafting time it has given me!) I've always enjoyed my teaching. And now I get the best of both worlds - part time supply work lets me spend half the week doing my usual Mom/wife duties and crafting, and then I spend half the week teaching and earning a few pennies to keep me in crafty stash :-) I'm loving it!

Secondly, I am finally beginning to enjoy the results of my operation on my dodgy hip.... I have had a fairly pain-free fortnight and even managed to get back in my heels again - yay!!! And that is thanks to the fab staff at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. This card is for the fab team in the hydrotherapy department who have looked after me, pulled and twisted and stretched me until I was fit enough to be pulled, twisted and stretched on dry land :-) I did pop in to drop off the card in person but, alas, it was deserted, so I just left the card on the desk..... Should they happen to find their way to my blog, I just want to make sure they know just how much I appreciate what they have done. Thank you!

Anyway, the card..... A little more clean and simple than my usual offerings but I really wanted the emphasis to be on the sentiment.....

I hope you like it.

Now, make sure you pop over to Dream Valley to see what the rest of the DT can do with buttons!

Love 'n' hugs,