Friday, 19 February 2010

Not-a-pink-girly card

I've had a really lovely day spending some time with my sister, nephew and neice today - it was fab. And then I had a really un-fab evening :-( I am NOT a fan of teenagers at the moment. Anyway... I needed to cheer myself up so I thought I'd have a go at my not-a-pink card challenge. This is the result! I'm quite pleased with it cos I think the colours go really well together (thankyou for the inspiration, Carlyann!) although whether I'd be happy to send it to a female or not, I'm not sure... What do you think?
Love 'n' hugs,
Mel xx

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Clare Brown said...

Hi Hun,
Isn't that bear a cutie!!Well done you for succeeding in your not-a-pink-challenge. I must admit teal and brown are one of my favourite colour combos.Fab layout too and love the little ribbon touch might pinch that idea!!

hugs Clare x