Sunday, 12 February 2012

Have you heard....?

....that apparently the Google followers gadget has its days numbered??? I read about it here on Lisa's blog.... How sad! We could lose all our lovely followers :-(

I would be gutted to lose all my followers and I'd love to still be able to follow all you too but there is apparently a solution! I've added a new (free!) followers linky thing on the top right of my blog so could I ask you all to sign up please? And then please, please, please add it to your blogs too so that I can follow you?

Please post about it on your blog so nobody gets left behind!

Love 'n' hugs,


Liz, said...

Hi Mel, haven't checked it out myself but apparently it is only if you don't use blogspot it's going (typepad etc). So I think we'll be OK,

Liz x

Wishcraft said...

The official stuff does seem to say that it's just non-blogger blogs, so I'm hoping it's just a rumour that it's going to be completely phased out... Fingers crossed but I'm leaving the linky thing on for now! Lisa x

Sarpreet said...

hi mel, we are not loosing our followers - blogspot blogs are ok - like mine and yours, we are ok.