Sunday, 18 April 2010

You Rock!

Hiya! Nice to be back! I know it's been a while since I last posted anything but you've got to blame the good weather really! I managed to get a lot of gardening done so I've got some yummy fruit, veggies and herbs on the way (I hope!)...
Anyway, it's my other baby's birthday next week. Marc is going to be 15 - ok, not such a baby anymore. It's his creations that followers have seen on here recently. I definitely bought this stamp with him in mind. I love it! It's difficult to find things suitable for teenage boys but this fits the bill perfectly. I had a go at embossing the small black square but you can't see it very clearly on this picture... Hope you like it!
I'm going back into the garden - hope the weather's as nice where you are!
Love 'n' hugs,
Mel xx

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Clare Brown said...

Hi Mel, this card really does rock!!! Good for you trying embossing such a fab effect. I have a few stencils that have hit the dust since getting my big shot, should really dig them out again.

Arran and I planted carrots, spinach, spring onions,lettuce radishes, cress and corriander the other day, we had so much fun and ended up rather mucky!!

hugs Clare x

Happy birthday when it comes looking out for his new cards!!